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The best cheap hosting, FastComet

FastComet is a reliable web hosting company based in San Francisco, California, since 2000s. Fastcomet is the best cheap and fast hosting services in the market. They offer better services and more friendly support than most low-cost hosting companies around the world. A great choice for small and medium businesses , WordPress and personal blogs.

Shared Hosting or Web Hosting by 

FastComet offers shared, cloud VPS, and dedicated hosting services

FastComet’s shared hosting is provided from a choice of data centers and is marketed in less technical language that will appeal to new hosting users. It offers a basic plan for a single website or more advanced plans for multiple sites and domains. All plans benefit from unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage, and all servers run Cloud Linux with FF mpeg support. Free SSL certificates are also provided through Let’s Encrypt.

There are many great features at make FastComet’s shared hosting stand out from almost any other hosting provider in the world.

  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Free CDN
  • Choice of the Data Center
  • SSD Disk Space
  • Open-Source Hosting
  • FastComet Site Builder

It is rare to find even one of these features offered on shared hosting, let alone all of them.

Guaranteed Resources

FastComet guarantees promised amount and quality of resources so that your site won’t suffer as much if your server becomes congested.

Free CDN

Your site files will be replicated on more than 70 servers around the world so that visitors anywhere can access your site without their location potentially slowing them down.

Choice of the Data Center

You get to choose from FastComet’s 8 data centers that span 3 continents. This is a humongous advantage as in many cases you have little to no control over data center choices.

SSD Disk Space

All plans on FastComet utilize SSDs, which are 300% faster than standard HDDs at read/write operations. In plain English, your site runs faster.

They feature a 1-click install, but that’s provided on standard shared hosting plans through Softaculous anyways. When you look for more detail on each individual plan page, they all link back to their shared hosting comparison page.

FastComet Site Builder 

Having a site builder is a huge time saver.If the site you’re trying to build only has a few pages, a site builder might be a better choice especially if you’re new to web development. FastComet offers their own site builder, hosted upon their shared hosting services. It’s the same price as the shared hosting by itself.

Drag-and-Drop Builders and Themes

use the drag and drop builder to change text and images, and add any elements you’d like. If you know exactly what you want, you can have your site running within an hour

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The best cheap hosting, FastComet

FastComet is a reliable web hosting company based in San Francisco, California, since 2000s. Fastcomet is the best cheap and fast hosting services in...

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